DynamoDB Exceptions

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.ConditionalCheckFailedException(*args, **kwargs)[source]

A condition specified in the operation could not be evaluated.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.ConfigNotFound(*args, **kwargs)[source]

The configuration file could not be parsed.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.ConfigParserError(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Error raised when parsing a configuration file with RawConfigParser

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.DynamoDBException(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Base exception that is extended by all exceptions raised by tornado_dynamodb.

Variables:msg – The error message
exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.InternalFailure(*args, **kwargs)[source]

The request processing has failed because of an unknown error, exception or failure.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.InternalServerError(*args, **kwargs)[source]

The request processing has failed because DynamoDB could not process your request.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.InvalidAction(*args, **kwargs)[source]

The action or operation requested is invalid. Verify that the action is typed correctly.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.InvalidParameterCombination(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Parameters that must not be used together were used together.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.InvalidParameterValue(*args, **kwargs)[source]

An invalid or out-of-range value was supplied for the input parameter.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.InvalidQueryParameter(*args, **kwargs)[source]

The AWS query string is malformed or does not adhere to AWS standards.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.ItemCollectionSizeLimitExceeded(*args, **kwargs)[source]

An item collection is too large. This exception is only returned for tables that have one or more local secondary indexes.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.LimitExceeded(*args, **kwargs)[source]

The number of concurrent table requests (cumulative number of tables in the CREATING, DELETING or UPDATING state) exceeds the maximum allowed of 10.

Also, for tables with secondary indexes, only one of those tables can be in the CREATING state at any point in time. Do not attempt to create more than one such table simultaneously.

The total limit of tables in the ACTIVE state is 250.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.MalformedQueryString(*args, **kwargs)[source]

The query string contains a syntax error.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.MissingParameter(*args, **kwargs)[source]

A required parameter for the specified action is not supplied.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.NoCredentialsError(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Raised when the credentials could not be located.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.NoProfileError(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Raised when the specified profile could not be located.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.OptInRequired(*args, **kwargs)[source]

The AWS access key ID needs a subscription for the service.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.RequestException(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Raised when the HTTP request failed due to a network or DNS related issue.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.RequestExpired(*args, **kwargs)[source]

The request reached the service more than 15 minutes after the date stamp on the request or more than 15 minutes after the request expiration date (such as for pre-signed URLs), or the date stamp on the request is more than 15 minutes in the future.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.ResourceInUse(*args, **kwargs)[source]

he operation conflicts with the resource’s availability. For example, you attempted to recreate an existing table, or tried to delete a table currently in the CREATING state.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.ResourceNotFound(*args, **kwargs)[source]

The operation tried to access a nonexistent table or index. The resource might not be specified correctly, or its status might not be ACTIVE.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.ServiceUnavailable(*args, **kwargs)[source]

The request has failed due to a temporary failure of the server.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.ThrottlingException(*args, **kwargs)[source]

This exception might be returned if the following API operations are requested too rapidly: CreateTable; UpdateTable; DeleteTable.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.ThroughputExceeded(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Your request rate is too high. The AWS SDKs for DynamoDB automatically retry requests that receive this exception. Your request is eventually successful, unless your retry queue is too large to finish. Reduce the frequency of requests and use exponential backoff. For more information, go to Error Retries and Exponential Backoff in the Amazon DynamoDB Developer Guide.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.TimeoutException(*args, **kwargs)[source]

The request to DynamoDB timed out.

exception sprockets_dynamodb.exceptions.ValidationException(*args, **kwargs)[source]

The input fails to satisfy the constraints specified by an AWS service. This error can occur for several reasons, such as a required parameter that is missing, a value that is out range, or mismatched data types. The error message contains details about the specific part of the request that caused the error.